Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Thoughts

Yesterday my friend Kim tagged me to list 6 things that make me happy. Since it is very difficult to pick which 6 to list, and since today is my birthday, I will stick with a birthday related theme for my happies.

1. Surprises! I LOVE being surprised by things. I think I would even get excited about a stick of gum if it was somehow presented to me as a surprise. Birthday surprises are the best!

2. Celebrations together! Quite a few of my friends have birthdays within a few weeks of mine, so October always feels like a festive time of year. Lots of birthday dinners and celebrations to get together for.

3. Rollercoasters! I know that rollercoasters aren't directly related to my birthday; but my friend Becky & I always try to do something fun together for our birthdays instead of buying gifts, and this year we went with our friend, Laura, to Silver Dollar City. Becky, Laura, & I are passionate rollercoaster riders, so we had a great day of riding the same few rides over and over again. Going fast and flipping upside down makes me very happy.

4. Autumn! When I was little I wanted a summer birthday so I could have a pool party, but now I am so happy that my birthday is in October. I love the colors, smells, clothes, sounds, and activities of autumn.

5. Cheese! Again, not directly related to my birthday, but I believe cheese is one of the most reliably happy things in life. Maybe just one of the tastiest. Anyway, tonight for my birthday I plan on going to Hugo's and indulging in their cheese board appetizer. I have always wanted to get it, but I'm usually not with people who love cheese as avidly as I do, so I bypass it. Not tonight ... even if I eat it all myself, bring on the cheese!

6. Eliot! More than happy, memories of Eliot are bittersweet, but I can't talk about my birthday without mentioning him. Two years ago today, Eliot Mooney, 99 day-old son of my friends, Matt & Ginny, went to be home with Jesus on Ginny's birthday and mine. I am happy that from now on, every year on my birthday I will think of Eliot and be reminded of the preciousness of life and the way that God can use anyone, even if they are on this earth less than one hundred days. It will always bring sadness as well ... not for Eliot, but for Matt, Ginny, and his little sister Hazel, who will all probably experience many more birthdays before they get to see him again. (Side note: His story will be on Oprah tomorrow, 10/28, if you're interested in hearing more about his life).

So there you have it - my 6 happy things on my birthday!

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