Thursday, December 4, 2008


If any of you are regular Saturday Night Live viewers you may share my enjoyment of the segment called, "Really?" that occasionally takes place during Weekend Update. Last week at work I experienced my own, "Really?", moment that I have continued to simultaneously chuckle and roll my eyes at everyday since then.

Very kind people frequently make donations to the organization where I work. These donations often involve hygiene items, clothing, or toys. Last week we were given a box of baby dolls. This seemed to be a very timely donation, as we are actually a little low on baby dolls in our waiting/play areas. As my co-workers, Tom & Jessica, and I started going through the box we realized several things ...
1. All of the baby dolls must have been purchased at either garage sales or thrift stores, because they all had crazy, matted hair and very dirty faces.
2. The very kind woman who donated the dolls must be a great seamstress who loves the days of Little House on the Prairie.
3. The very kind woman who donated the dolls must have similar views on civil rights and segregation as they had in the days of Little House on the Prairie.
So here's what happened: As we started pulling baby dolls out of the box, we admired the handmade bloomers, bonnets, and prairie dresses that they wore. Once they were all laid out on the floor, we started trying to decide which dolls were in good enough condition to actually place in our waiting rooms. Do you remember the "One of these things is not like the others" song from the days of Sesame Street? Well, one of the baby dolls wasn't like the others. All of the babies were caucasian and wearing matching outfits except for one. There was a lone African American baby doll, dressed in a similar dress as the others, but also wearing an apron (none of the other babies had aprons) and instead of a bonnet, she had an Aunt Jemima style handkerchief on her head.


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tim, ally and silas said...

so funny! we love the "really?!?!" segment on snl...