Sunday, April 26, 2009

Brisket & Bike Dates

So, I have great aspirations of posting at least once a week, but this spring that just has not been a reality. Maybe I'll get there eventually, but life is just so busy right now that it feels like the weeks just fly by. This week was especially busy and wonderful ...
*Purchase of road bike from a man on Craigslist (I have REALLY been wanting one ever since I did a triathlon on a mountain bike last year. It was very discouraging to watch other racers coast past me as I furiously pedaled to keep my bike's chunky frame moving. Anyway, we finally found a great deal on one & it was well worth the wait!)

*Baby shower for K-tina! It was so fun to get to celebrate Baby E with Kristina. Since she lives in London it's hard to celebrate the little day-by-day changes that she's going through as she & Rhys await the birth of their firstborn, but I'm so glad I got to take part in the baby party!
* Community group at our house! This may not seem like a big deal to anyone else, but Josh and I have had such chaotic/weird/disorganized living situations for so long that getting to have our small group Bible study finally meet at our own home was wonderful!

*I made my first brisket (which was not a highlight of the week, as it was a bit dry) for a big dinner to celebrate the Williams' visit to the States. It was so fun to get lots of our old college friends together & hear how God has been directing everyone's lives.

* A couple of days ago, I attended a fascinating conference on sand tray therapy. I tend to be a bit skeptical about strange sounding forms of therapy, mostly because lots of them are quite strange. So, I went into the conference a little doubtful that I would actually get anyting useful out of it, but I ended up loving it! I'm sure at some point I'll end up posting a more detailed explanation of how it works, so I'll just leave it at that for now.
*Bike date! Now that I finally have a road bike & can keep up with Josh a bit better than I could on the mountain bike, we have decided to try to bike instead of driving as often as possible. So, Friday night we biked down the road a few miles to the nearest ice cream shop & then over to the movie theater to see The Soloist. This was an excellent movie that I highly recommend to anyone. Not only was the story wonderful, but the acting was amazing, as well. Jamie Foxx & the other actors/actresses who portrayed mentally ill individuals did such a great job that at times I could actually SMELL my old job (where I worked with chronically mentally ill adults). The movie brought back lots of memories of trying to coax my paranoid schizophrenic clients into meeting with me; or worse, trying to convince them to sign their treatment plans ("no, signing this paperwork does not give us permission to do experiments on you/kill you/lock you up/etc., it just gives me permission to keep being your counselor").

So there you have it ... a few excuses for why I haven't blogged lately :)

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tim, ally and silas said...

brisket sounds delicious. i could go for some of that.

...i too did a triathlon on a mt bike. i feel your pain, and embarrassment. ;o) yeah for road bikes.

love you and can't wait to see you!!!