Friday, April 23, 2010


Well, after nearly a year of not blogging, I decided to return to it. I've actually been planning on blogging again for a while, but I've just been waiting for life to calm down a little. My hiatus from blogging was mostly due to exhaustion. Working full-time and being pregnant is no walk in the park, so sitting down at the computer and writing has not made the list of priorities in a long time. What, you may ask, has made the list of priorities?

Growing this little fellow has not taken up even a fraction of the hours out of my day that raising him will, but it certainly has taken up tons of physical and emotional energy. I hit the 9 month mark two days ago, and while the last 36 weeks have not been the most comfortable of my life, my pregnancy overall has been quite pleasant and relatively easy. Even though I really have enjoyed most things about pregnancy, Josh and I can't wait to welcome our son into the world so we can kiss those adorably plump cheeks.

We've decided to name our boy William Daniel, but we'll mostly be calling him Liam. Choosing a name was a fairly easy decision for us. Before Josh and I were even dating, we both knew that the other wanted a son named William. Josh, because Braveheart is his all-time, favorite movie and he loves the idea of having a son named after someone who represents courage and sacrifice. I sometimes wonder how long it will be before I come home from some outing to find my husband and child in our front yard in kilts and blue face paint. I have wanted to name a son William after my two paternal great-grandfathers, who both bore the name. Also, name meanings are very important to me, and I love the meaning of William: "resolute guardian". Our little Liam gets his middle name, Daniel, from his daddy. I hope he will love sharing his dad's middle name, and that the name will be an indicator of many shared qualities between the two of them. Already, just from his ultrasound pictures, the similarities between father and son are so evident. Liam's nose, lips, and brow bone all look like miniatures of Josh's - I can't wait to see them in real life!

So, aside from baby-incubating, my life has been very full between work and other commitments. My job continues to be something I love and something that wears me out. I will continue to work full-time as long as medically possible, at which point I will take the entire summer off for maternity leave - WOO HOO!!! I'm looking forward to lots of morning walks with the baby and lots of afternoons in the shade by my parents pool. Glorious. I plan on going back to work on a contract basis in August and working two days a week.

Josh and I have also kept busy with community group, church, the small groups we each lead, childbirth classes, and the abundance of weddings/wedding showers/baby showers that have come our way over the past 5 months. Three of the girls from the small group that I led when I was in college have gotten married in the last couple of months, and two more will in the next 8 weeks. Josh's sister, Heather, is also getting married in about 6 weeks; so it's been quite the exciting season for the whole Lawson family! We love her fiance, Kyle, and can't wait for him to be officially part of the family - Liam is so blessed to have such great aunts and uncles!

Hmm, that seems to be enough of an update for now. I hope to be consistent enough to post at least once a week, but we'll see how I do with that goal. Who knows, by next week, Liam may have arrived. I'm not due until May 19, but because of an irregularity with his umbilical cord, we have a scheduled induction for May 12. However, at our last OB appt. (3 days ago) my doctor informed me that I'm already 3cm dilated and instructed us to go ahead and put the carseat in our car, so I'm not totally convinced that the May 12 induction will be necessary! Until next time ...


kristina said...

yea! a blog post!

The Slonekers said...

Welcome back! I can't believe Liam is going to be here so soon. We can't wait to meet him!