Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Newest Love

Okay, so I don't know why, but I really don't feel very into today's Reverb prompt.  Maybe it's because I'm tired and have a headache after spending 2 1/2 hours at our cell group town home with 40 jr. high kids & my baby.  So, I think I'll just wait and double up tomorrow.  Instead, a few pics of my new favorite room in our house ...

 Last Monday we got these glorious bookshelves installed in our home:

One of the men who works on building & grounds at our church used to have his own cabinet-making shop and now he fills custom orders for people as he has time.  He did an amazing job, we got them much cheaper than we would have gotten them anywhere else (or I think even if we had attempted to build them on our own), and the money we paid for them goes to the church! We waited to put our books on the shelves so we could use them to display Tara's photography for her art show we hosted last weekend, so this week I was very excited to finally start organizing our books.
Today I unpacked them:

and I was so glad to release them from their multi-year captivity in these:

and I had such a sweet little helper

It's been a great day - I love our books and it is so nice to know I can finally access them again.  Also, a wall of bookshelves?  It's kind of  dream come true.  Well, the dream would actually be a room full of walls of bookshelves, but one wall is good for now.


tara stephenson said...

i really love that bookshelf too!!!! and the desk pulled out. OHHH it is lovely and you are and everything. yeah love you Tara

Abbie said...

love the bookshelves so much sis, they complete the room perfectly! miss you!