Friday, March 11, 2011

Ten On Ten

So, yesterday I was inspired by this lovely blog (which I discovered thanks to this sweet friend) to participate in a little project called Ten On Ten.  All it involves is taking 10 pictures over 10 consecutive hours of the 10th day of the month.  Even though my pics will probably be pretty boring to anyone who reads this blog, I think it could be a fun way for me to remember the little moments that seem sort of mundane while I'm in the middle of them, but that I will probably want to remember someday.  I like the idea of doing this once a month, or maybe just once every few months, as a way to document the changes in how daily life looks as Liam gets older. So, without further adieu ...

Morning playtime

A little Bible study time during morning nap

Mom!  Stop putting on make-up & play with me!
Headed to have lunch with Jen & Kelsey

So ... I forgot to take a pic at lunch, but as you can see, we ate at Olive Garden

Afternoon nap

Getting started on enchiladas for dinner with new friends Matt, Amy & Bryson

Playtime with Jack (Liam's FAVORITE part of any day!)

A little work with flashcards.  Mostly a sensory exercise at this point :)

And the precious pic I couldn't get to rotate.  Boo. Some avocado appetizer before dinner.


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LOVE! So glad you like that blog - it is one of my favorites!