Friday, February 24, 2012

Cora's Room: The Projects

  On Monday, I will be 22 weeks pregnant. This means I probably have somewhere between approximately 16-19 weeks to get Liam's big boy room ready, prepare Cora's nursery, transition Liam to his new room & big boy bed (and hopefully off of his pacifier), and celebrate his second birthday in May. This is potentially a little overwhelming, but also exciting. Today I started making my lists of what needs to be done for each of the rooms and I can't wait to see them come together! I thought I'd share a few of the sewing projects I'll be working on for Cora's nursery.

  So far I've spent the most time working on this sweet crewel embroidery alphabet sampler.

Daisychain ABCs

  Well, hopefully that's what it will end up looking like. I'm embroidering mine on a lighter colored fabric and substituting the bright pink yarn for more of a coral color so that it will be a better match for our color scheme. Also, I haven't really embroidered anything before, so I'm learning as I go (a common theme in the projects I undertake). Hopefully it will turn out somewhat close to the original.

This has been really fun to work on, and since I can get a letter done in a day or two, there's a happy amount of instant gratification as each letter pops to life.

  Another project that will be pretty time-consuming is making Cora's bedding. I'm SO glad that I figured out how to quilt last year, so that I can make this beauty for my little girl.


  I saw this quilt on Pinterest just before I found out I was pregnant, and as soon as I found out we are having a girl, I knew I'd be making it. Gratefully, my mom has offered to help me out with this one, as it involves a ton of cutting and sewing circles. I feel a little less overwhelmed knowing I don't have to complete the whole thing on my own. I really need to get to work on collecting the fabrics I'm going to use on this quilt - so far I only have these two that I picked up from the clearance bin at our local quilting shop (along with the really cute lamp I picked up for $13 from a baby boutique that was having a big moving sale).

  I also plan on sewing a bumper for the crib, and while I'm not committed enough to a fabric to have ordered one yet, this Modern Meadow Poppy from Sandi Henderson's Secret Garden line is a front runner.


The last big sewing project we have (and I say we, because this is another one I'll be relying heavily on my mom to help out with) is recovering the cushions on the glider & ottoman. I think we'll be using this gorgeous Dandelion fabric from Joel Dewberry's Heirloom line.


  I LOVE Joel Dewberry's fabrics and used a beautiful print from his Aviary line a few years ago for our living room curtains. You should check him out if you're needing to order fabric anytime soon.

  So, here's hoping I'm super productive in the coming months. You know, so I can also tackle all the furniture painting and stuff for Liam's room that I want to do. And, if I'm not, I think we'll all survive ... perhaps just not as adorably as I'd like.


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