Friday, February 17, 2012

Opening Day

  Today was the much-anticipated (at least in our household) opening day of the 2012 Razorback baseball season. For the past several years we've had the opportunity to get a great deal on a portion of season tickets to the games from someone who works at the church with Josh. It's been such an enjoyable investment to make, as we both love going to games; and since we have 4 seats, we have so much fun getting to bring friends or family along.

  The game today was by no means Liam's first baseball game: he came to many from inside my belly during the 2010 season, and we took him to several Razorback and Naturals games last year. However, today was the first game he's attended that he's been able to anticipate and (sort of ) understand. And by understand, I mean that he knew it was a baseball game and he got really excited about yelling things like, "Coach!", "Throw!", "Miss!", and some of the players' names.

 We took the above picture when we first got to our seats, while he was still a little nervous about all the noise and about "Ribbie", the mascot, who was dancing a little too close to us - at least in Liam's estimation. By the end of the first inning, though, he had warmed up to the atmosphere and had resumed his current favorite activity of asking, "what's that?", about everything he saw. Liam was also really excited when our friends joined us. He loved patting Matt & Martha on the knees and pointing out the "coach" to them, and we all loved getting to experience their little guy's first baseball game with him. Though one might think that the idea of attending a baseball game in February sounds miserable, it was actually a pretty perfect day: overcast, low fifties, content (and adorable) kiddos, and the Hogs won 11-5. What more could you ask for? Woo Pig Sooie!

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