Friday, March 23, 2012

My Place

 Coming home, after nearly a week away, to a bouncy, chatterbox of a little boy is almost more blessing than I can absorb. Upon arrival at my in-laws I was barraged by at least 15 solid minutes of 22 month old story-telling about eggs (Easter eggs he dyed with Grammy), puppies, cows, crunchy cheerios, and baseball. He also filled me in on all the activities he's been missing out on, "daddy, shoshees?" (Daddy's shoulders), "daddy, AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" (the game he plays where he runs back & forth between Josh and I in our hallway, screaming and then leaping onto us). On the way back to our house he repeated over and over, "Mommy, miss you ... mommy, w'are you?" (where are you). Break my heart.

  Walking into our clean, peaceful house and watching Liam reunite with Jack, our dog, who was just as excited to see us as Liam was to see him ... well, my cup overflows. I am so thankful I had the chance to spend the week in Memphis with the students, but there is nothing earthly that I am more thankful for than the sweet little family God has given me, and the gift of being safely reunited with them.

  Now, on to napping and awaiting Josh's return.

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