Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter 2012

 Our Easter celebration this year was wonderful ... everything you'd hope for with a nearly two year old, really. I had been charmed by lots of fantastic ideas on Pinterest that would have been either darling or great teaching tools for Liam, or both; but I decided to keep things simple this year. We have a lot going on and I think some of the neat ideas will make a bit more of an impact on our little man next year.

  So, on the Saturday before Easter, we had a little family egg dyeing fun. Actually, it wasn't super fun, at least at first. Liam was whiny and then once he decided that he wanted to be involved, playing with eggs and dye with a 22 month old wasn't the most relaxing activity. I told Josh that it is a good thing that pictures don't show any of that ... we'll just look back at these and be glad we did it and remember having fun.

  Our little entertainer decided to ham it up for Daddy & the camera - Josh got a slew of silly faces out of him, but these are a couple of my favorites.

  Saturday night we celebrated Easter with our Mosaic church family, and then in the middle of the night Saturday, Liam decided to be awake from 2:00-4:30am. I was pretty sure his messed up sleep schedule was going to ruin all of our plans for Sunday, but gratefully I was able to just roll with it and not feel stressed, knowing we could ditch our plans and take naps instead at any time.  Amazingly, our little man slept in until just when we needed him to get up, and was a trooper all day ... even though he didn't get to nap until late in the afternoon.

  Sunday morning we met both of our families at church for a beautiful service. We brought Liam to "big church" with us instead of putting him in the nursery, and he did wonderfully.

  After church, Josh's parents came back to our house with us for a little egg-hunting.

  Liam loved it, until he fell and scraped his leg. Gratefully, he recovered quickly.

  After the egg hunt, we loaded up and headed over to a friend's house for our annual Easter gathering. For over a decade now, my family has celebrated Easter with a bunch of our oldest family friends. When Josh and I got married, his parents started joining us, so we are able to all be together. With an average attendance of somewhere between 30-50 people, it gets a little crazy, but it is always so sweet to celebrate Jesus' resurrection with so many people we love. I never think to take pictures when we are there, which is unfortunate, but this year Liam was delighted to join in on the egg hunt at Mrs. Sallye's.

  It really was a perfect day, and I can't wait until next year when we can add a sweet little girl in an Easter dress to our family pictures!

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