Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday Love

 Just a few things I'm loving today ...
  • It's overcast, cooler, & supposed to storm. I'm thinking we're going to make it through at least the end of this week yet without having to turn on the ac in the house. The past two days were a little trying, but now our house is a breezy 73, which is feeling wonderful.
  • Friends who loan friends maternity clothes. Another case of perfect timing, really. At lunch at my friend Rachel's, today, she let me plunge into her tub of maternity clothes & I was able to find some great summer stuff; which is perfect, since summer is apparently starting in April this year. My friend, Kristina, also contributed to the dress-pregnant-Stefanie cause by donating a cute pink dress over the weekend. I'm glad I will not have to wear the same 4 things that I own over and over again for the next 3 months (although my mom did help me beef up the ol' preggo wardrobe at the last consignment sale we went to). What would I wear if it weren't for the kindness of others?
  • This face:

    Last week Liam started doing this bit where he makes some version of this face, tenses up his whole body, and trembles. It's hilarious. We call it "going crazy" and sometimes he'll do it on command, but usually he just surprises us with it. Like today, when I opened the car door to get him out & expected to find him nodding off since it was past naptime ... Nope, opened the door to crazy!
  • Liam's growing interest in Cora. He initiates talking about her more and more every week. Last night he was patting my belly and started pulling on it and asked me to "open Cowa." 13ish more weeks, buddy.
  • The most awesomely perfect invitations ever that my friend, Emily, designed for Cora's "sprinkle" in a couple of weeks (showers for babies that aren't a family's first are sometimes called sprinkles, since they are smaller). Anyway, isn't it beautiful?
   She used one of the fabrics from the quilt I'm making for Cora as her inspiration and I just love it. She also designed the invitations for one of Liam's showers a couple of years ago, and I think it is so special to have these keepsakes that a dear, old friend (we've been friends since I was 7) thoughtfully created.
  • How great my husband is. He not only gave me a day off from mom duties over the weekend so I could spend some time in Tulsa with Kristina, he also cleaned the entire house while I was gone. All week I've been enjoying having a totally clean house that I didn't have to work for. That's a good man.
  • That our friends, the Younts, are pregnant!  We have been praying for them for a while now, as they have patiently waited on the Lord during their struggle with infertility. They recently made the public announcement that they are expecting, and it makes me want to jump up and down for them every time I think about it. I know God sometimes allows us to long for things our whole lives and never answers the prayers in the way we hope He will; but it is SO awesome and amazing when His plan is for an earthly fulfillment of the longing. 
That's it - hope you're having a great Tuesday!

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