Thursday, May 17, 2012

The BirthDAY

  This year Liam's birthday fell on a Friday, which was perfect, since it is our very favorite day of the week. Josh doesn't work on Fridays and so we usually try to make it a family day of sorts, but we really went all out for Liam's birthday, trying to incorporate as many of his favorite things as we could.

  The day started off with our big two year old waking up to a floor covered in balloons. He was really excited to wrestle them!

   After opening a couple of presents, we headed out to the local donut shop for some birthday donuts. We go every Friday morning, and Liam was excited to get to see Mr. Kelly  and Mrs. Pat (the owner and his mom) on his birthday. After I finished up some quick baking for his party the next day, we went back out to let Liam pick out his first Razorback ball cap. I won't lie, he was way more interested in the stuffed animals and mini footballs at the Razorback store than he was in the hats, but we were all pleased with the gray hat he settled on. I love seeing that blonde, curly mullet sticking out the back of it!

  After the hat selection was completed, we stopped at Bariola's, a pizzeria, for lunch. Liam LOVES pizza with black olives, so for his birthday, I ordered extra olives on my pizza. Honestly, I thought it was a little gross and had to pick lots of them off of the pieces I ate, but he loved it.

 After a nap and a quick dinner, Liam enjoyed his first baseball birthday cupcake of the weekend. During the past year of celebrating lots of friends' birthdays, he has perfected his technique of eating all of the icing off of the top first, and then chowing down on the actual cake.

  We ended the evening with the last Razorback baseball game of the season that we had tickets for. Our friend Tripp joined us, which was great because Liam just loves him, and we got to see the Razorbacks win the game in the bottom of the ninth. We were so proud of our little man for hanging in there for the whole game!

   My favorite part of the game was when Liam joined in on calling he Hogs during the 7th inning stretch. We've been trying to get him to do it at a game all season, and I guess turning 2 finally gave him the courage to jump in with the crowd!

A perfect day for the greatest two year old I know!

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