Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bits and Pieces

  • We find ourselves calling our little girl "Corabelle" ... it just sort of rolls off the tongue and seems to suit her. After hearing Josh and I call her that a few times, Liam adopted it, but with a twist. "Hi Cora Taco Bell!" is a frequent greeting from him. Or sometimes he just calls her Taco Bell. We love it. Cora, I'm sorry if we still call you Taco Bell when you are 16.
  • We go to the library and borrow books every other week. Recently, Liam picked out a book about Christmas, and has since decided that he really wants it to be Christmas. Everyday he asks me if it is going to snow outside. He also tells that Frosty the snowman is coming to our house, and then runs and knocks on the front door saying, Frosty's here! I don't think he quite understands that when it is 100 degrees outside and you're in a drought, it doesn't snow. Sorry buddy.
  • Deciding how to spend the approximately 40 minutes a day when both children are sleeping is nearly paralyzing. Clean things up quickly? Nap? Read my Bible? Open my laptop? Call a friend? Eat?
  • I have found that, in order to produce enough milk for Cora, I have to drink close to 24 oz. of fluid in between each feeding. I spend ALL DAY drinking water.
  • It takes a lot of effort to leave the house with both children, but it is very useful for mental health purposes. Except for when Cora wails the whole time we are driving.
  • I am SO excited for the Olympics to begin.
  • Liam continues to love pretending to be a dog, and has recently added "licking his paws" (licking his arms) and "biting his tail" (biting his knee) to his repertoire.
  • Cora has an awesome, drowsy post-meal smile.

 Question to other moms whose children are approximately 2 years apart - when was the turning point after baby #2 came where things started feeling a bit more sane/manageable? I mean, I know it's always going to be crazy forever and ever; and please don't tell me, "this is the easy part, just wait til they're both mobile." I have heard that plenty of times and don't feel like it's super helpful to me, in this moment. I'd just love to hear about some others' experiences in the first few months of parenting a toddler and a newborn. Thank you.


Joy said...

I would say things got better once Finn's feedings weren't stacked so close. Nursing him while caring for Mia was hard (lots of TV those days). Once his feedings were spread out a bit more, I felt like I could focus more on me/Mia/the house, etc.
Both times, I thought things eased up around 6 weeks (?) and felt like a whole new person at 12 weeks.
Honestly, I didn't think things got harder - each day seemed a little easier as we all got the hang of things. Chaos? Yes, still. Tired days? Yep. But nothing like those first weeks. :)
From what I'm reading and seeing on Facebook, it sounds like you're doing great. Can't wait to meet Cora!

kaw said...

I really felt like when Mae was about 6 weeks old, I was feeling better, so things seemed more under control! And like we had a routine/plan.