Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day One

  Approximately 72 hours ago, my life changed. My daughter started sleeping like a champ. Yesterday, as she took not one, but two two-hour naps, I was almost paralyzed by all the possibilities of things I could do. Meal plan? Bible study homework? Fun preschool-ish activity planning? Write thank-you notes? It was amazing to get to think beyond survival ... you know, the "have I eaten, am I dressed, am I hydrated, is my other child fed, dressed & hydrated?" priorities that I've tried to cram in during her "naps" the past couple of months.

  Anyway, one thing I remembered is that I've never posted any of the newborn pictures our friend, Nic Taylor, took after Cora was born. We had him come up to the hospital a few hours after she was born, when Liam met her for the first time; and then he came to our house for a shoot when she was 8 days old. By the time we got the pictures back, I'm pretty sure we were in the throes of the worst couple of weeks ... before I went dairy-free. So, now seems like as good a time as any to post my favorites - here are some from the hospital, and later this week I'll put up a few from the shoot at our house.

Here's the first time Liam saw me in the hospital. We had Cora in her bassinet in the corner of the room, so that he could come cuddle with me and get comfortable with the room before we added Sissy into the mix.

Sweet boy pointing to the new baby.

I love the look on his face as he's taking in this new little person in our lives

 First picture as a family of 4!

  These pictures are SUCH a treasure, and I'm so thankful that we had someone who is actually good at taking pictures come and capture these moments so that we didn't just end up with a lot of iPhone shots. It's crazy how long ago this seems already ... 12 weeks on Tuesday.

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