Friday, September 28, 2012

Just Some Words

  In the midst of the craziness of adjusting to our new addition this summer, I've had the opportunity to do a little extra writing. My father-in-law writes an article relating to mental health every month for a local, free publication for families called Peekaboo. Because he knows I love to write, and I think to give himself a break for a few months, he handed the reigns over to me for August, September, and October. Since I usually blog about my kiddos or things that are on my heart, I've appreciated the opportunity to stretch my brain in a different way as I try to integrate my experiences as a therapist into subject matter that I think may be of interest to parents of young children.

  The other writing opportunity I've been excited about has been joining the rotation of women who contribute devotionals to our church's women's ministry blog. I love sharing what the Lord has been teaching me. The women's ministry blog publishes a new devotional weekly and you can check it out (and my most recent devo) here. Several of the other contributors are wonderfully wise women whom I have looked up to for years, some even decades, so I hope you'll be encouraged by their words!

  Even though my brain has been pretty foggy for the past few months, the chance to do more of something I've always enjoyed has been a sweet gift from God. I have had to step back from certain areas of ministry that have been dear to my heart for years because of my children's current stages; so I am thankful that I can hopefully encourage a few hearts in a different way for now. If you are a mom of little children, I'd love to hear what different ways you have been led to serve or minister to those outside of your home. I know that at this time in my life, serving the little ones God has given me is of utmost importance and I am completely content with that, but I'd love hearing about the ministry opportunities you have been provided!

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