Sunday, September 16, 2012

Love that Kid

  Mesmerized. I'm pretty sure that's how Josh and I both feel about our precious boy. We could easily just sit and watch his every move and soak up his every word and be completely content and entertained. Sure, he's a two-year-old and definitely has his moments of crankiness and disobedience, but really, he's the sweetest kid.

  Tonight, after he had been in bed for an hour, just talking and playing with his stuffed animals, I decided to get him up and snuggle him in our bed and read him just a few more bedtime stories. Reading always helps me get drowsier when I can't fall asleep, and these days I try to take advantage of every cuddly moment I can. Actually, I've probably been doing that for the past 28 months ... I just can't get enough of that little guy.

  We are constantly entertained by things he says. Here are some precious and funny things he's come up with lately:
  • He's always sweet to his sissy (thus far). He hears us call her all kinds of nicknames, so he does to. Sometimes he'll use our exact words, "hi blue eyes!", but more often he makes hybrid nicknames out of a few different things he's heard, like, "hey, sweet head," or the all-time-favorite, "Cora Taco Bell".
  •  A few days ago, he created his first imaginary friend. I went in his room to get him up after his nap and he said, "Mommy, Nemo come down to see Liam!" He then proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon talking to Nemo: "Nemo, that's Cora!" "Nemo, let's play cars!" "Mommy, Nemo wants to go outside!" It was awesome.
  • He spends a ton of time pretending to be someone or something else. He generally announces who he is, to make sure we know. Some of the current favorites are Coach Van Horn (the Razorback baseball coach), Chief Rhino (a fire chief in one of his favorite books), Casey (a baseball player from his favorite library book), and Nubs (a dog from yet another book called, Nubs ... it's actually a really amazing true story. If you have kids, you should check it out). I really love watching his little imagination at work, and I also love it when he's not pretending to be someone else and he says, "Mommy, Liam Lawson now." 
  • When Liam is pretending to be Chief Rhino stands on top of his Winnie the Pooh fire truck and "saves kittens" from trees. He cups his little hands and brings me the kittens he has saved: "here's another one, Mommy!"
  • Our buddy has been doing GREAT with manners the past couple months. He remembers to say "please" most of the time, generally says "excuse me" or "sorry"if he bumps into someone, and always says, "bless you!" when someone sneezes. But "thank you" is really his strong suit - he thanks us all the time, for everything. It's really great. Usually it comes out, "Gank you", and I can't get enough of it.
  • A couple of months ago we started giving him a daily multivitamin, and getting his once a day chewy dinosaur vitamin continues to be a highlight of his day. When I get the bottle out of the cupboard he yells, "my bitamin!" and every time he takes one he immediately shoots his little arms into the air to show me his muscles (because I told him the vitamins help make him strong).
  • Lately, he has really gotten into singing and some of his favorite songs to sing are from his Seeds Worship albums. It's so precious to hear him singing, "the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit," as he plays with his cars.
  • One of Liam's favorite stuffed animals to sleep with is his gloworm that his Aunt Abbie gave him when he was a baby. For a couple of months Josh and I would hear the gloworm playing it's lullabies as he was falling asleep or signaling when he had woken up in the morning, but lately I had noticed that we were never hearing it anymore. Last week, Cora and I were hanging out in his room while he was playing in his crib and he picked up "Baby" (his name for the gloworm) and pressed it's tummy and I heard it croak out a couple of pitiful sounding notes. I took Baby to put new batteries in her, and Liam's reaction to his restored friend was just precious. Apparently he had been thinking his toy was sad or sick, because when he pressed it's tummy and it once again lit up and sang to him he was delighted! He just kept hugging it and saying, "Baby, I'm so glad you feel better!" It made me want to cry to realize how concerned he must have been about his Baby.
  • A few months ago, Josh and I began trying to institute a new family habit of a brief time of Bible reading after meals when we are all together. We certainly don't remember to do it every single time, but Liam has been great at reminding us we need to. We first read through the book of Daniel, so anytime all 3 of us sit at the table together, Liam points up to the shelf where we keep the bible and shouts, "read Daniel!"
  • Liam loves copying things Josh does that he thinks are particularly funny, which has resulted in quite a few inside jokes between the two of them. Liam will often say a phrase or word or make a noise he has heard Josh say or make, just to try to get us to laugh. When he's around people he doesn't know he's usually a little timid, but when he's comfortable, he's quite the ham.
  • The newest game he wants me to play with him he calls, "ask a question." He'll say, "Mommy, ask a question," and then I'm supposed to ask him what his favorite fill-in-the-blank is. "What's your favorite cartoon?" "Clifford!" "What's your favorite sport?" "Baseball!" "What's your favorite animal?" "Giraffe!" He loves this and will answer as many "favorite" questions as I can come up with.
I'm sure I'm forgetting a dozen more little Liam-isms, but those are just a few I want to remember. I'm in no hurry for our little guy to grow up.

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