Tuesday, October 30, 2012

He's Awesome

  Liam comes up with new, fantastic things to say everyday ... sometimes funny, mostly precious. Here are some recent favorites:
  • Looking at the little vase of flowers on the table at Sam's: "Oh, Mom! Look at these flowers! They are wonderful!"
  • Anytime we are driving somewhere in the evening he points out the sunset: "Look at that beautiful sunset!"
  • Another conversation while driving: 
    • L: "Mom, look at the beautiful trees!"
    • Me: "What colors are they?"
    • L: "Red, orange, green and blue!"
    • Me: "Who made them?"
    • L: "God! He took sticks and made paintbrushes and painted them!"
  • Today we saw a UPS truck drive by our house ("P truck", as Liam calls them), and he told me: "Liam gets bigger and drive a P truck and bring packages to our house!" It was the first time he has told me what he wants to do when he grows up! He also spontaneously told me today: "Liam get bigger and play Xbox and eat prencils (pretzels) and do homework!" (he has no idea what an Xbox is because Josh only occasionally plays it when Liam is sleeping, but he has seen the controller and we've told him he can use it when he's bigger.) He tells me that he is going to play Xbox when he gets bigger at least once a day. So glad obsession with video games has already begun and he doesn't even know what they are.
  • The other day I got Cora up from a nap and she had a teardrop on her face from waking up crying. Liam is DEEPLY concerned about teardrops so when I told him that she had one he said, "Awwww," and came over and kissed her cheek. Melt my heart.
  • He has started having more little conversations with Cora lately: (randomly walking up to Cora, who is sitting contentedly on my lap) "Hi Cora. Don't be anxious!"
  • He sings ALL the time, lately. His favorites are "Never Be Shaken", "Do Not Be Anxious" (hence the above comment), and "Go" from Seeds Family Worship; as well as "Oh Susannah" and a Jesus chant/song he sings at church ("Give me a J - J- you've got your J, you've got your J ... etc.)
Oh, and more, so much more. But, it's late and I need to sleep. I just wanted to capture some of my favorite recent Liam thoughts!

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