Saturday, October 20, 2012

Out with the Old, In with the New

  Well, I'm now several days behind with my Thankful 30 posts. Whoops. I have one week left until my birthday, so I'm going to have to get busy to have all 30 written in time. Today I didn't write one, because it was a busy day. It was Rhea Lana day. I stocked up on stuff for winter for my kiddos, so I've spent the evening washing & ironing new clothes, and packing and sorting outgrown clothes.

  I was able to get a worker's pass to this sale by writing a couple of blogs about it, and let me tell you ... getting to shop before the consignors, and before the expecting moms was well worth it. I think I've always gotten into the sale on pre-sale day, either with a guest pass, as an expecting mom, or because I've consigned. It's great to get in early, obviously, because the earlier you shop the more great stuff is left and the more likely you are to find specific things you may be looking for. However, there are always tons of people who fall into those three categories so the sale gets pretty crowded and the lines can be pretty long. Getting to shop before the masses was awesome.

  I went in with a very clear agenda: shoes (I buy ALL of Liam's shoes at this sale), coats (I hadn't bought Liam a heavy winter coat for this year yet), train set pieces (we really want to get Liam a train table and set for Christmas), and some additional winter clothes for Cora. I was incredibly succesful! I was able to get Liam some adorable Pumas and a barely used pair of StrideRites for just $11. I  had also been hoping to get him some rain boots and cowboy boots because I thought he'd really like them, and I found really great pair of each. He was thrilled. It's so fantastic to only spend 4 or 5 bucks on something I know he's only going to use a few times. I also got him a medium weight jacket and a heavy, down jacket that were both from Baby Gap ... for $22! I know it might be tacky to write about how much I've spent on things, but I just wanted to demonstrate what great deals you can find on high quality clothing & shoes.

  I also found a great train set with tons of pieces, as well as some super cute stuff for Cora (even a few things that either still had tags on or look like they've never been worn). This sale really has blessed our family so much. I like fun toys and cute clothes as much as the next person, but full price just really isn't an option for our family. If you haven't gone before (and saving money plays an important role in your family), I'd encourage you to check it out. The sale opens to the public tomorrow, and goes all week long. You can click here to see directions and find out more about it. There is SO much that is being sold this time, so don't be discouraged if you weren't an early shopper - there is still going to be more to choose from than you'll know what to do with!

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