Saturday, October 13, 2012

Woo Pig Sooie!

This weekend Josh's sister and her husband came in town for the Razorback game. We don't get to see Uncle Kyle and Aunt Heather very often since they live in Nashville, so we were really excited to get a little time with them. They drove in from Tennessee last night, and since Cora takes a long morning nap we sent Liam to spend the night with Papa and Grammie so he could get more time with Kyle and Heather in the morning.

   I was pretty adamant about Cora getting as much sleep as possible today in hopes that she wouldn't have a total meltdown at the Razorback game we were all going to together tonight. She took her usual 2 hour morning nap before we headed to the farm, but this afternoon she was having a tough time settling down so I joined her for her nap. I wouldn't want to sleep with my babies all the time, but I love the cuddly times when I do. Hearing those sweet little grunts and sighs and feeling that baby breath is just too precious. I napped with Liam fairly often when he was a baby and I rarely get to with Cora, so I was happy to spend the afternoon curled up with her.

  After naptime we all got dressed in our Razorback gear for some family pictures (which are all on Papa & Grammie's camera). Cora was excited about the game, and to be looking so cute.

  Liam was excited, too, but more interested in playing on the floor with cars than in taking pictures. Hence, the squirmy mess of a picture ...

  Even though I missed my Liam buddy while he was at his sleepover last night, it was so fun to have some one on one time with little sister. I love watching her relationships with her family members develop.

  Both of the kids really enjoyed their time with their aunt and uncle. Liam doesn't totally understand yet that aunts and uncles are different genders, not just abstract titles we assign to people. Kyle was very patient with being called "Aunt Kyle" all day :) It was so sweet and funny to hear Liam running through the house yelling, "Aunt Kyle, come play outside with me!" Cora was full of smiles for both of them and got to enjoy a little walk around the concourse with them before the football game started.

  Josh's parents have seats in a box, which was the only reason we brought little kids to a game with a 100% chance of rain. The whole night went so much better than we expected. Even though the thunderstorm caused the game to be delayed (and eventually terminated), we were warm and dry. The concourse was quiet enough that Cora could be walked around when she got fussy (and I could find a semi-private corner when it was time to feed her) and she was remarkably laid back the whole time. Liam loved having access to a table full of snacks and spent most of the evening running back and forth between the window and the bags of kettle corn and pretzels. He figured out pretty quickly to cover his ears right after a touchdown because the fireworks and cannon boom scared him, and this was actually a game that involved lots of fireworks and cannon booming, for a change. The icing on the cake was that we got to see our great friends, John & Carol, who were in town for the Chili Pepper race and the game - so fun! We decided to leave pretty early so we could get loaded up in the car in between storms, but it was a wonderful evening of making memories with the kids at their first football game!


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