Wednesday, February 26, 2014

When Waiting in Shadows ...

I'm participating in a writing group that my friend, Matt, put together for people who are looking to be encouraged to write more frequently. This is the sixth of 8 "assignments" I'll be posting as a part of this project. I missed the fifth, so I'll have to circle back to it later. This assignment was to write a poem - something I used to enjoy occasionally in high school & college but haven't done in years.

The Shadow

  When our words don't match,
  His and mine, 
  And I can't puzzle them together;
  Ease of agreement nowhere to be seen
  As the darkening shadow falls.

  When provision seems scarce,
  Unpredictable, unsteady,
  The security of abundance is fleeting; 
  I sit and breathe deep, remembering manna,
  As the darkening shadow falls.

  When the doors don't open
  Though we knock and we knock,
  We can hear the bolts anchor them tight;
  It's chin up and good cheer and raise calloused fists
  As the darkening shadow falls.

  When my heart wants to open 
  But my mind shrinks in fear,
  Illusion of control is crumbling; 
  The whispering is fear but the persisting is faith
  As the darkening shadow falls.

  When the darkness surrounds
  And I can't see my way,
  But I stumble against soft, feathered breast;
  I know that the shadow is only His wing,
  And instead of fleeing I rest.

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Barbara Beebe said...

Very thought provoking! Sometimes the thing we fear most is the very thing that will rescue us! Your "soft feathery breast" was certainly a phrase that gave comfort, safety and peace. What we all yearn for.