Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finally some house pics!

Originally I had a goal of putting up some house pics every Friday to show our progress, but I've been a bit too busy painting & unpacking. However, today I did finally take the time to upload some pictures ... not great, but just a few before & after painting shots. We haven't decorated anything yet, as we're just trying to get things painted, boxes unpacked, and furniture purchased.

dining room before

dining room after

our bedroom before (with some paint samples on the wall)

and after

We've also painted the living room & kitchen, but I haven't taken pictures of either of those rooms since the've been painted, so that will have to wait. If you want to see a few more pictures you can look here. I hope everyone has a great Sunday!


kristina said...

yea!! love it!! cant wait to see it in person in just a few weeks! :)

Anonymous said...

Stef! I am so so excited for you guys to have a home! Can we move in with you for old times sake? We have a baby now- hope that is not a problem. Seriously, it looks great, and I am looking forward to seeing it in person! I may be in NWA in April getting pics of Lily and would love to see you!
Love you- Carol