Friday, November 12, 2010

Our Big Man

I tell you what ... all the cliche things people say about parenting ("they grow up so fast," "you don't know you could love someone so much," "sleep while you can, because once you have kids you won't anymore," etc.) are 100% true. And it's awesome. I am completely in love with the past six months of our lives, and I can't wait to live the next six. So, here are a few little fun facts about what Liam is like at this stage:

He hasn't had his 6 month check-up yet, but according to my measurements he is nearly 27 inches long and about 17lbs, 10oz. This is fairly impressive, considering the little fellow was only in the 3rd or 4th percentile for weight when he was 2 months old, and now it seems he may be close to the 50th! I'm looking forward to his appointment in a week and a half to find out exactly where he is.

Liam started eating rice cereal in the evening when he turned five months old. Our doctor (Dr. David, the best pediatrician ever!) was in no hurry for us to start him on solids since he had been so small initially, so we have been taking it pretty slow. A couple of weeks ago we started alternating the rice cereal with oatmeal, and on his 6 month birthday Liam had butternut squash for the first time. He made some pretty funny faces at first, but then ate it all up!

During the past month Liam has delighted us with lots and lots of laughter. He cracks up when we tickle his sides or his knees, and he thinks it's hilarious when either Josh or I hold him and the other one of us chases him around. He's also a big fan of peek-a-boo and playing in his jump-a-roo. He still enjoys it when we read books to him, but this month he has become much more interested in eating the books than in squealing at the pictures, like he used to.

Another fun new development has been Liam's excitement when we clap for him. Just about anytime we clap our hands and exclaim, "Yay!", he will start shrieking and squealing with us. He's not completely independent in his sitting quite yet: he can tripod for a while and occasionally he'll balance upright for several seconds, but usually he launches himself forward to try to grab something and falls over pretty quickly.
Liam also had quite a few "firsts" during the past month:
First trip to Silver Dollar City & first ride!

First Halloween!

First Family Hike

Liam also stayed with his first babysitter (who isn't one of his grandparents or aunts!) a few weeks ago. Sweet Ashley, a high school senior who we go to church with, came over and kept him for us so we could go to the annual Loving Choices banquet with our community group. She did a great job - I'm not sure he was all that cooperative, but we were grateful for the night off!

Finally, one of my favorite developments this month has been (what I believe to be) Liam's attempts at giving kisses. A few weeks ago he started grabbing my face and smashing his open mouth on my cheek whenever I stand him up on my lap. He may just be trying to find something to chew on, but I think he's trying to give kisses! We pray he continues to have the joyful and sweet spirit he has now. We love our little buddy so much!

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kristina said...

yay! i feel like i know little liam. so sad to be far away, but love hearing the updates! he is so precious. and i agree with you. he is trying to give kisses :)