Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello, 2011!

Ahh, a fresh, new year.  I love how our calendar is laid out.  I love that at the end of our years we get to celebrate Thankfulness and contemplate the ultimate gift of the Incarnation.  We feast and fill a few weeks with as many festivities as we are able, and then ... a new start.  We put away the gifts, fold up the boxes and gift bags for next year's use, and stash the ornaments back in the attic. Then we lace up our shoes and pray that we run through another twelve months in a manner worthy of celebrating once again, next December.  We know we won't, though.  We know that this year will be filled with the same lingering reminders of our humanity that has yet to be made perfect through the completion of our sanctification; and so we look forward, again, to celebrating the birth of the One who came to do that job for us.

  So here we are.  2010 had a good run.  I need not recap because, hey, that's what I've spent the last month doing with Reverb.  I haven't quite made it through the last few days of writing because we spent the 26th-28th visiting family in St. Louis, and then as soon as we got home we had to get right to work with packing up Christmas and cleaning so that we'd be ready for my friend Megan's wedding shower to be held at our house yesterday.  Here are a few pics of some of the festivities of the past couple of weeks.

Going wild in the photo booth at Uncle Zach's 16th birthday dance party

Enjoying the lights on the Fayetteville square with Papa & Grandma

He may not know what a stocking is, but he sure knows how to charm a camera

Lawson family Christmas

All bundled up at Silver Dollar City with Nana

Meeting sweet cousins Ginger & Josh at Christmas Eve lunch in Branson
More excitement about presents on Christmas day
Hanging out with new buddy, Uncle Michael - their first time to meet!
Christmas day service at church with Grandad & Nana
Happy Wedding Shower table!
Beautiful bride & her shower hostesses

  Just a brief review of the past few weeks.  I planned on writing about a few reverb prompts tonight, but then I got too distracted looking through tons of pictures and now I should go to bed.  Liam's sixth tooth has been giving all three of us (Liam, Josh & I) a pretty rough time.  He slept in our bed last night because it was the only place he would relax, which means pitiful sleep for mommy.  Here's to a better night's rest!

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kristina said...

i know that last picture is suppose to be about the bride...but man! you look gorgeous!