Saturday, February 26, 2011

9 Months ... Finally!

So, I sort of missed the boat on writing Liam a 9 month post ... he turned 9 months old 15 days ago, so at least I'm getting it written before his next month bday.  Our tiny man's 9th month was quite eventful.  It was great to get back in the flow of regular life after all the excitement and busyness of the holidays, and getting back into a normal schedule of having a lot more time at home gave Liam the chance to practice all of his new skills. Skills like ...

Crawling (his first crawl was to Jack, our dog)
Pulling up on EVERYTHING (& playing with best friend, Lilly)
Bike riding (which only involves scooting backwards)
Preaching to his stuffed animals (with Buzz Lightyear's help)
& Drinking his bottle on his own
   Gratefully my busy little friend still has time to cuddle with his mommy, although he definitely prefers climbing on me to cuddling, at this point.

He's a big fan of family cuddle time in the mornings, too. (Jack isn't always invited - only when he is freshly bathed).
    Liam's 9th month also brought a TON of snow.  We spent the better part of 2 weeks cooped up at home.  It was fun getting to have Josh around all of the days the church offices were closed, and Liam enjoyed all the attention he got from our friends who live in the surrounding neighborhoods since we practically lived at each others houses during those weeks.

Yes, we made Liam sit in our footpath to demonstrate how deep it was.
 My favorite development in Liam's 9th month, though, was his first time to actually direct "ma-ma" at me.  He had said it for a couple of weeks, but one Friday (shortly after he turned 8 months old) I came home from work and as soon as I walked in the door he looked at me, waved, and exclaimed, "ma-ma!"  Be still my melting heart.  He continues to talk about "Ja" (Jack) all the time, and says "da-da" every once in a while.
  Those are all of the highlights I can remember from his 9th month .... I'll wrap things up with a couple more pics (you know, in case you haven't seen enough already).  These monthly pics are getting way more challenging the past couple of months - I'm pretty sure by his 10 month pics he'll be doing handstands or something.

*Edit (3/1/11): Liam finally had his 9 month appointment today (10 days before he turns 10 months) & I wanted to record his stats: weight=19lbs., 10oz. (25th percentile) & height=28.74 in. (50th percentile).


Abbie Lay said...

this is my favorite so far!!!!! love these pics of my favorite nephew!

Grandma and Papa said...

Incredibly adorable! What a full 9th month Liam had!