Monday, February 28, 2011

All of Me

This morning I drove past a little field that I pass everyday and saw a long, elegant heron gliding above it.  He flies there often, and my heart thrills a little every time I see his serene silhouette.

Half a mile later, I drove past a hilly little pasture that I also see everyday; and I remembered that a couple of days ago, just as it came into view from the road, a white horse came loping over a rise.  When I saw him prancing in the sunshine, the little girl part of my heart skipped a beat.  Little girl me was absolutely in love with horses.

As I thought of both of those beauties while driving to work this morning, my heart was so thankful that God knows the entirety of me all the time.  He knows and loves little girl Stefanie, who collects model horses and longs to own a real one.  He still loves to give her sweet gifts. He knows and loves 28-year-old Stefanie, who appreciates the peace and calm of an unhurried heron. He knows and loves the Stefanie that I, myself, don't even know yet.  He is generously giving delightful gifts to that future-Stefanie right now, but I can't see it.  I can't possibly appreciate all of the love that He shows to me, (in part) because He knows me eternally and I only know my own past and present.

How I long to just take a deep breath and settle into the lap of the One Who makes me known.

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