Thursday, April 21, 2011

Everybody's Happy

In the event that a storm wakes up your napping child earlier than either of you would prefer, here's our family recipe for getting the afternoon back on track:
"Liam, should we go to Sonic with Puppy Jack? Jack, do you want to go?"
   Jack goes berserk at the prospect of the word 'go' and starts leaping and twirling down the hall. Previously fussy Liam starts squealing in delight at Jack's antics. Mommy is glad happy hour just started.

Everyone loads up in the car. Jack in the back, Liam in the middle, rear-facing, mommy drives. Jack gets 20 minutes to watch cars & the rain. Bliss for him. Liam gets 20 minutes to watch Jack, and Jack can't get away from him. Bliss for him. Mommy gets a diet dr. pepper with vanilla. Bliss for me.


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