Sunday, April 17, 2011

Things I Have Learned

Josh has been gone for 12 days. He comes home tomorrow - HOORAY!!! Being out of my normal routine, even just for a couple of weeks, has provided some great learning opportunities I may not have otherwise had. Here are a few lessons learned:
  • Sewing machines do not work well if you forget to put the pressure foot down before you start sewing. No amount of time spent adjusting settings on the machine will help until you realize the tiny detail you are forgetting.
  • Liam can go through a gallon of milk in 4.5 days. It is best to buy more milk for the next day before his bedtime.
  • It doesn't make sense to assume you will accomplish 3 time-consuming extra projects during a 12 day span of time when you are doing the work of both parents.
  • It is more comforting than I realized to have someone else spend the night at the house when my husband is gone.
  • If you think you might want some sort of snack or drink after your child goes to bed at 7:30, you must plan ahead and purchase it prior to bedtime (if no one else is at the house).
  • Just because you know you'll probably be a little lonely without your spouse for nearly two weeks, it does not mean you should schedule multiple social engagements everyday to try to make up for it. This is a bit exhausting if it isn't the way you normally function.
  • I still can't fathom how difficult and stressful it must be to be a single parent.
  • Having friends and family who will let you sit on their couch, play with their toys, and eat their food is an incredible blessing (I already knew this, but I learned it to an even greater degree).
Finally (and this is the most important),
  • If your spouse is going to be gone for a couple of weeks, you might feel stressed thinking about all the extra work you'll have to do to keep the home functioning and pets and children alive. As it turns out, adjusting your schedule to include his responsibilities (taking out the trash, caring for the dog, washing bottles, etc.) isn't really that big of a deal. You just adjust and compensate. However, you cannot compensate for a person's daily presence in your life. No amount of fun sleepovers, girl movies, frozen yogurt dates with friends, or kind offers to keep you company can make up for the absence of the one you are one with.

It's just better when we're together
p.s. Josh, when you read this do not take it as permission to no longer fulfill your normal household duties upon your return.


Melissa said...

so glad you get to see him SOON!!!! and way to go - i,too have such a heart for single moms!!!!!

Daniel, Laura and Noah said...

Stef! Love that you survived and learned and attempted to do so much while Josh was gone! I'm super impressed. Can't wait to see pics of the big reunion!
love ya