Tuesday, April 19, 2011

He's Home!

Today, Liam and I are very happy to be spending the day hanging out with our favorite person - daddy's back! This morning at Bible study a friend, Becky, asked if we got some sweet pictures of his homecoming and Liam's response to seeing him after 2 weeks. No, we did not; but thinking about how I would have loved for yesterday to go and how it actually went makes me laugh. Nothing really disastrous happened, just the inconveniences of real life (also this may be the most boring thing you've ever read).

Here's how I wish the day had gone:
6:30 - wake up, get ready for work
7:00 - Liam wake up, morning bottle
7:45 - get everything packed in the car & head to Nana's to drop Liam off for the day
8:15 - get settled in at work & ready for first client at 8:30
11:30-2:00 - long lunch, finish last 2 or 3 days of Bible study because I am WAY behind
2:00-5:00 - clients
5:00 - pick Liam up, grocery shop, dinner, pick up the house
7:00 - arrive at airport to get Josh: joy! excitement! Liam takes his first steps to daddy!
7:30 - Liam falls asleep in car on the way home, we put him in bed & have the rest of the evening to hang out and look at pictures of Josh's trip.

6:30 - wake up, get ready for work
7:55 - finally wake Liam up to leave because he is sleeping way in and I can't wait any longer - dried snot is ALL over his face. Poor buddy.
8:23 - leave Nana's to dash to work, start 8:30 session at nearly 8:40 because I'm running late
11:30 - run to Wal-Mart and drop off more milk at Nana's because I hadn't realized we were nearly out and there wasn't enough to get Liam through the day. Have long conversation with new co-worker over lunch about how to handle the emotions of our job. Get distracted online & then realize it's nearly time for my 2:00 session ... no Bible study accomplished.
3:00 - client leaves, there is a voicemail from my mom saying Liam's cough has gotten a lot worse & I should probably get him a dr. appt. Call drs. office, they say, yes, they will see him at 4:50 in Fayetteville - this is about 35-40 minutes from where I work, my 3:00 client is waiting for her session to start (which is again late because I'm making phone calls) and I'm supposed to have a 4:00. Take appt., text 4:00 client to cancel. I'm so sorry, I say.
3:55 - finish session, rush out of work, pick Liam up from Nana's, drive to Fayetteville & end up getting there early.
4:46 - 16 minutes after arriving at Drs. office, walk back out the door. Speediest (and best) drs. office ever. Worth the drive. Liam's fine, try some Claritin. Head to the grocery store.
5:45 - unload car & guess what ... no milk. Left the milk I bought earlier at Nana's so it wouldn't sit in the car the whole time I was driving to and from the drs. office. It will be time for a bedtime bottle soon, so back to the store to get more milk. Oh, and Josh's flight keeps getting pushed back further and further.
7:00 - Liam is exhausted and will hardly eat anything, put him to bed. Finally get around to finishing Bible study.
9:00 - Mom comes to sit at the house w/ sleeping baby while I go get Josh from the airport.
10:00 - Finally home. I need to make quiche for Bible study in the morning. I thought the recipe said cream cheese ... it said sour cream. "Welcome home, honey. Could you go buy me some sour cream?"
11:30 - finish quiche/sour cream run and finally go to bed.
6:30am - Liam wakes up and cries when he sees Josh because he is always kind of angry until he gets his morning bottle.

Welcome home, Josh. This is your life with your forgetful wife & your baby son. Just in case your absence had caused you to romanticize things, we wanted to help you remember what it's actually like. But really, it's awesome.


kaw said...

This is so real life! Sounds like Thomas's birthday party on Saturday!

Carol said...

Oh, I hear ya, friend. I have had days like that. I am so glad Josh is back to make it all better.

Melissa said...

poor thing!!! well your quich was AMAZING if that helps!! and yes - i agree with the whole doc office thing...they really are phenomenal! Lincoln had to do claritin for a while - only thing that really helped him. hope yall have a chance to enjoy each other this weekend!!!