Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Unfinished Business

I think my blogging habits are as irregular as my cooking habits: I don't blog for about 3 weeks, then several times a week, then twice a day, and chances are good I won't write anything again for another month.

BUT, I was inspired to make myself a little to-do list. As I was giving our bedroom a long overdue cleaning today I realized part of the reason it was so messy is because it had become a temporary residence for several unfinished creative projects. I have LOVED that since Liam was born I have had a lot more time for creativity, but I've also gotten a little ahead of myself ... starting a few too many things at once. So, I decided to make myself a list of what I want to finish, um, we'll say by the end of July. I also need to discipline myself to not start NEW projects until I've finished these:
  1. Canvas painting - I'm working on a canvas painting that will be an anchor for a bow holder for a sweet friend's baby girl who is to be born sometime this summer.
  2. Baby quilt - I'm sewing a baby quilt (my first!) for a special, secret person. I'm about 25% finished, so I really need to get moving.
  3. Study closet - I have a new little dresser to organize all of my crafty/creative things into, so I need to get the closet in our study all organized & cleaned up so the dresser will fit.
  4. Liam's one year book - I'm making him a book of pictures from his first year on Shutterfly & I need to finish and order it by June 30 so I get to use my $30 credit I have on their site.
  5. PICTURES!!! The most daunting home decorating task for me is getting pictures on the walls. I've got to do this & then get the ugly gray bins that are full of old frames moved out of our room & into the attic.
  6. Birthday crown - So, I thought it would be fun to make Liam a little crown to wear each year (while he's little & doesn't think it's dumb) on his birthday. I got so busy with getting his party ready that I completely forgot to finish the crown. It should only take 30 or 40 minutes to be finished with it.
  7. Christmas stockings - I didn't finish our family Christmas stockings before the holiday last year, so I definitely want to get it done! 
Those are the projects I have started - I'm already tempted to start adding things to the list that I just want to do, but I must make myself finish these first. I'll try to post pics of my projects as I get them done!


BrookeS said...

I do wish we lived closer... I think we would be good friends :) When you blog, it's like I can hear myself talking! Haha. Keep up the good work on your projects, they all sound fun and worthwhile!

Stefanie said...

So fun! I wish you lived closer, too. I'm always inspired by your cooking! I like it when little kid friends grow up into people who would be friends anyway :)