Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

 It's been quite a week in the Lawson household. First,
The Good ...

Today we got pictures back from our friend/ wonderful photographer, Will Flowers. Will lives in Birmingham now, to be closer to his lovely fiancee, but he was in town for a few days & we got to have a fun one-year-old photo shoot with him. We could not be more pleased with the results!

I wish I could post all 60 pics, but there probably isn't anyone aside from Josh and I (and our parents) who wishes to scroll through 60 pictures of our son. Anyway, if you live in the Birmingham area (or NWA and are willing to wait for photos until sometime Will is in town) you should definitely consider having him take pictures for you (here's his site, just in case you didn't notice the link above:

The Bad ...
  This has been the first actually hot week of the year - temps pushing 90 in the afternoons - and our air-conditioning isn't working. We called the service company yesterday, and tomorrow morning is the earliest anyone can get here to fix it. Our house is not the most comfortable place to hang out this week.

The Ugly ...
 Much to our dismay, on Memorial Day, Josh broke our combined 56 year streak of no broken bones and both dislocated and broke bones in his right foot. He was playing basketball with some guys from our community group and just landed wrong as he was coming back down from a lay-up.

At first he thought he had just sprained it ... since neither of us have ever had a significant injury we really didn't know what to look for. Apparently, if your feet don't really point in the same direction anymore, there's a problem.

 The x-ray on the top shows the dislocation, the one on the bottom shows what his foot looked like after the bone was reset.

Currently, Josh's poor foot is in a temporary splint. On Tuesday, he'll go in for a ct scan, and by next Friday we'll know if he's going to have surgery for the one bone that is broken, or if he'll just be put in a plaster cast. Obviously, we are praying for the latter, and we would appreciate it if you would to. It's bad enough that he'll have to be in a cast for most of the summer, we really love it if he didn't have to have surgery on top of it.

So, there you have it: the good, the bad, & the ugly of our week. I am very hopeful that next week will be much more boring (and in a much cooler house).


The Bishops said...

Loved the photos. You can post more..people want to see. Praying for Josh's foot..yikes!

Abbie Lay said...

oh my josh. i am actually in pain for your poor husband, it hurts me. miss you both. p.s. will flowers is a superstar, those are the greatest family pics ever and i love them. you are a beautiful family.