Saturday, August 13, 2011

Family Morning

Liam, this short little post is for you & me & your daddy, because I want us to remember the wonderful little family moments that come our way.

This morning you slept until after 8:30 - THANK YOU! It was amazing to get to sleep in that late! After you got up, Daddy ran to the farmer's market to pick up our lug of vegetables for the week, and you and I cuddled on the couch and watched cartoons while you drank your morning bottle. Then we sat on the living room floor and ate some grapes and cereal bars for breakfast and waited for Daddy to come home.

After Daddy got back from the market, we all got dressed, loaded up the bikes & trailer & water bottles, and drove down to the Coldstone parking lot so we could start our bike ride near the trail system. After we got everything unloaded and hooked up, we buckled you in your trailer and we rode to our favorite park. The weather is SO beautiful today - I think it was just in the high 70's- low 80's while we were out, which is such a nice change from the 100+ temps we've been dealing with. Once we got to the park, you played on the toddler equipment for a while, but we spent most of our time under the shade of the bridge, throwing rocks into the creek.

By the time we left the park and biked back to the car you were exhausted, but you were very sweet and patient while we drove through Sonic so Mommy & Daddy could get some drinks (Daddy definitely deserved a treat after hauling you & your trailer up all of those hills). After a quick lunch at home we read 3 of your favorite books (Where Is Baby's Belly Button, Colors, & Goodnight Moon) and I put you in bed for your nap. Your little t-shirt is so grubby and your legs are dotted with tiny bruises and dirt smudges, but you were far too tired to mess with a bath before your nap. We'll clean you up before church tonight.

You are still sleeping now (it's been well over 2 hours) and once you wake up we'll be busy picking up the house, cleaning you up, and getting both of us ready for church, but I just wanted to take a few minutes to make sure we all remember this morning. And I want you to know you have the best daddy ever - he's so good about taking us on adventures. We love you!

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