Monday, August 29, 2011

A Very Pinterest Birthday

I love my sister. She is such a beauty, inside and out. I know that's cliche, but it is so true of Abbie. She LOVES Jesus, her family, the kiddos she has nannied for since she was in high school, and the high school girls whose Bible study she leads. She has tons of enthusiasm and people are drawn to her. She is also very fashionable and darling ... I'm always observing her hair/make-up/clothing choices and hoping some of her fashion sense will rub off on me. She's really the best little sister anyone could ask for.

Last Friday she turned 20, which means that we're finally in the same decade again (only for 14 months, but I will be enjoying the fact that we are both in our 20s while it lasts)! This year instead of buying her a gift I decided that she, my mom, and I should celebrate by spending a day together making stuff for the house she just moved into, where she'll be living until she graduates from college in 2013. Since Abbie & I both have a pretty intense love for Pinterest, I asked her to pick out her favorite project ideas; and then between my mom and I we bought/scrounged up the needed materials for our Pinterest party.

 Since Josh was gone at a family camp this weekend, Saturday was the perfect time for my mom and sis to come spend the day/night with Liam and I. After running to Hobby Lobby for the few materials I needed Abbie to pick out (yarn & fabric), we settled in to make the presents (I can't think about making presents without hearing Monica from The One With Unagi: "make the presents, MAKE the presents" ... that reference is for Kristina & Kim.).

 Abbie got right to work painting the tree for her button tree. This photo was her inspiration:


And here is her finished product:

In the meantime my mom cut sheet metal, painted a picture frame, and spray painted old medicine bottles for the magnetic make-up board. Again, the muse for the project:


And what we ended up with ....

Personally, I think Abbie's is way cuter. Such fun fabric!

And what was I working on, you might ask? I spent most of the day trying to figure out how to wrap cardboard numbers in yarn. Abbie had found this cute pic:


And since she couldn't think of a word that she would necessarily want displayed in her house, we decided to do her street number: 1445. I now understand why whomever made the above yarn-art installment chose letters, because it was pretty tricky to keep the yarn from sliding off of the slopes and curves of 4s and 5s. It may have taken a long time and a LOT of yarn, but I think they ended up being pretty cute:

I'm so thankful that my mom, sis, and I have such sweet relationships with each other, and that all three of us love to create/craft/make things. What a great way to celebrate. Happy birthday, Abbie!


Joy said...

what a FANTASTIC idea!! and your projects turned out SO cute! love it, and what a neat celebration of your sweet sister :)

kaw said...

hahahahahahahahahaha AND awesome job on the projects!

i thought of you today because i helped out at thomas's school and there are two liams! :) one liam and one william! :)

rachel osborn-cox said...

I LOVE this idea! I am a pinterest fool myself! VERY cute and looks like you had a great bonding time. :)

kristina said...

It's a sock bunny!! :) love the reference

That is a great idea, so creative!!