Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hold My Hand, Just One More Time

The cold January night in 2005 when my sweet husband asked me to be his girlfriend, we sat in his little Acura and talked about our relationship while the song, Elias, by Dispatch, jammed over the speakers.

Ten and a half months later, Josh drove south on I-540 with Elias on repeat, celebrating having received my parents' blessing to ask me to be his wife.

When we were choosing our wedding music we realized that Elias had sort of become "our song". Perhaps a bit less romantic than "The Way You Look Tonight" or something along those lines; but then again ... isn't real romance found in the unique blending of who you and your love are, instead of in some shrink-wrapped ideal that you can grab off the shelf at Hallmark? Anyway, Elias it was, and so, after we had said our vows and exchanged our rings, we took our first steps into our life as the Lawsons with the djembe and bongos setting our pace.

Fast forward five years and two months. I am standing in a crowded little venue, the Pageant, in St. Louis. My husband is trying to shield me from the flailing elbows of moshing frat boys and I'm wondering how it is that I'm surrounded by so many other concert attendees that do not have the "over-21-stamp" on their right hands. I'm realizing that when this band called a hiatus in 2002, these kids couldn't have been any older than 11. I feel old. Actually, I feel seasoned ... I love that for the past seven years (since Josh introduced me to Dispatch) this music has provided a significant part of the soundtrack to our relationship.

 They play all the best songs. They play some new ones, too, and the story behind one of them makes me cry. It is the most fun I have ever had at a concert and I feel so lucky that we are there, just 10-15 feet from the stage where Brad, Pete, & Chad look like they are having a pretty good time, too. It is the best way we could celebrate our 5th anniversary (2 months later).

And just in case you haven't had the opportunity to hear "our song", I give you, Elias (there's probably a better way to embed songs, but I don't feel like taking the time to figure it out right now):


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