Sunday, October 16, 2011

12 by 2012

 Almost 5 months ago I posted a list of projects I wanted to finish. At this point, I had forgotten about the list, but this evening I was reminded of it when I was checking up on a blog I enjoy and I saw this challenge:

The challenge is to choose 12 goals to accomplish before we roll over into the year 2012 - you can read more about it on Hello, Friend, here. I decided to participate because deadlines are a very helpful to for me (ie, I tend to procrastinate so I NEED them). Additionally, Josh and I have been particularly productive around the house over the past few weeks, so maybe this challenge will help me keep that momentum as we head into the winter months.

So, before I set my 12 goals for the next 11 weeks, I went back and reviewed the goals I set in June:

  1. Canvas painting - finished for a friend's nursery in June
  2. Baby quilt - I finished my 1st in September! You can see it here.
  3. Study closet - This closet was a hot mess of china, serving dishes, boxes I hadn't gone through since we moved, and craft stuff. At the end of September I got it completely organized and it is WONDERFUL. It is a task I was dreading for a long time, and I feel so much better now that it's done.
  4. Liam's one year book - Still haven't finished ... had to just use my $30 credit to get prints so I wouldn't lose it.
  5. PICTURES!!! I'm gonna say this is partially complete, even though it isn't fully finished. I enlarged a framed a bunch of photos for our living room, which is at least progress.
  6. Birthday crown - I still haven't completed my little felt birthday crown, but since Liam won't be 2 until May, it's not a high priority at this point.
  7. Christmas stockings - Uggh, I don't know why I'm having so much trouble getting motivated to finish these. Maybe if I start playing Christmas music soon it will help.
Okay, so I at least accomplished half of my list, and I feel pretty pleased with that, considering that in the last 5 months Josh broke his foot, took sabbatical, and numerous other things have come up. So, what to accomplish with the rest of this year? Let's see:

1. Read Bible daily - I am ashamed to admit that I've really had trouble with being consistent in spending time in the Word lately. We have been so scattered and busy over the past couple of months that I have had a hard time being disciplined and I know I just need to spend more time with Jesus.

2. Finish baby quilt for secret friend - I'm working on quilt #2 right now. I'll be done with the top as soon as my final fabric arrives in the mail. This one has come together MUCH faster than the first, so I'm confident I'll have it done in a couple of weeks.

3. Sort remaining piles/bins in the house - I still have some piles of books & stuff that don't have homes after some rearranging Josh and I did recently, so I need to get them taken care of before they breed, as piles tend to do.

4. Make a Winter wreath - I made a fun fall wreath, per pinterest inspiration; and I already have an idea picked out for the one I'd like to put up after Thanksgiving. Perhaps I'll get it done while we are on vacation with my fam in Destin for Thanksgiving.

5. Finish 2 books - I want to finish reading Don't Make me Count to Three and ... um, I'm not sure which other book I want to finish, but I'll keep you updated.

6. Register for exam - So, there's this exam called the National Counseling Mental Health Counseling Exam (NCMHCE, if you're in a hurry ... and no, I don't know why "counseling" is in the name twice). Anyway, if I would take the exam and pass it, I would be finished with my counseling licensure and supervision - a goal I've been working toward since January 2008. I've been qualified to take this final exam for several months now, but I keep putting off registering for it because there are other things I'd rather do than study for another giant exam.

7. Have at least one playdate a week (when we're home) - Since I'm not in women's Bible study this fall and since Liam spends the days I work with his grandmas instead of childcare, I think I really need to be more proactive in getting him time with kids his age.

8.  Finish Christmas stockings - Of course it's back on the list. They'll be on our mantle this December.

9. Wash windows - They are icky and we have finally ordered blinds, so it's the perfect time to have clean windows.

10. Make pallet seating/bed for study - I'm not convinced that Josh and I will get this done by the new year, but we at least need to get started.

11. Run 90 miles - No, not consecutively. Historically, I have HATED running. In the past few weeks, though, I have started making myself run, and I've been delighted to discover that I no longer hate it as much as I used to. Although early morning p90x workouts have been successful for me in the past, it just isn't always reasonable to spend 60-90 minutes working out before Liam wakes up. I'm really trying to build a running habit/positive relationship with running, so I'd love if I could just run 90 miles between now and the new year. That's just a little over 8 miles a week (because so far I run short distances, and SLOWLY), so I think I can do it.

12. Finish Liam's one year book. I seriously need to get this done sometime before his second birthday :)

Okay, so there they are. I think my list is a bit unreasonable since I also have to factor in Christmas shopping, cards & decorating; but I wanted to aim high & see what happens!

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