Monday, October 24, 2011

Girls Weekend & Goals Update

I love my little family SO much. I am quite content to spend the huge majority of my time with my son and husband. This is probably why, in the 5 years I have been married, I have never left for a girl's weekend with friends. Never, that is, until this weekend.

One of my dear friends, Becky, turned 30 today; and her request for her birthday was for a few of her friends to head to Orlando with her for the weekend. On Thursday evening Becky, Sally & I got on an Orlando-bound flight and met up with Sally's sister, Kim when we arrived at our condo. It was such a fun weekend. I've known all 3 of these girls since grade school, when we all performed in church musical productions and babysat in the nursery together.  Even though I wasn't close friends with them until we were all older, I have always enjoyed and admired each of them, and it was such a treat to get to spend 3 days together. It should be noted that we all really missed our friend, Ginny, who we wished could have been in attendance; but she's been really busy doing things like meeting her sweet daughter, Lena, in Ukraine. And that is definitely an amazing reason to miss a girl's weekend.

We didn't take too many pics of the weekend, as we were too busy sleeping in, outlet mall shopping, laying by the pool, and eating to bother with cameras. (Sort of reminds me of my trip to Cancun with Josh ... I promise all my vacations aren't so lazy, just the ones that don't involve my tiny child waking me before dawn).

Me (with glowing eyes), Becky, Sally, & Kim
It was so fun to get to relax with sweet, laid back gals who love Jesus and just talk for hours. Thanks, Becky, for wanting a birthday gift that was really a gift for all of us.


 I think I should do a weekly update on my goals to help keep me motivated. So, here's the hard, cold truth:
1. I did not read my Bible over the weekend. I was gone, forgot to pack it, and was lazy. I followed through on the other 4 days of the week, though.
2. final fabric came in for quilt, but no work was done.
3. no progress on piles
4. no progress on winter wreath, but Becky & I decided we will make them together
5. I read a couple of chapters in Don't Make me Count to Three
6. I printed off the registration form for the exam and filled it out
7. We had a WILD playdate at our house with Bryson, Joel, Rocky, Fischer, and Lilly and their mamas last Tuesday
8. no progress on Christmas stockings
9. I washed about half of the windows before we left - the ones that had blinds installed on them while I was gone
10. no progress on pallet seating
11. no running. at all. whoops.
12. no progress on Liam's book

Not horrible, considering I was out of town for several days, but I need to get in gear if I'm going to get half this stuff finished. My goal for this week is to be more faithful with numbers 1 & 11, and to complete numbers 6 & 9.

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