Sunday, November 6, 2011

... For Family & Sweethearts

(These were my thankful thoughts for Nov. 4 & 5 ... I just missed getting them posted to the right date by 2 min.)

Yesterday I was thankful for a family to be a part of. Josh, Liam & I had dinner with my family and a new friend, who told us about how he was adopted when he was ten. He has a lot of siblings now, and he said he was glad to be part of a big family because for so long he didn't have a family at all. I thought I would start crying during dinner. So, I'm grateful for family.

Today I'm grateful for my son's sweetest little heart. We hold hands and pray before every meal, but for some reason when I finally got us settled down to lunch today I completely forgot to pray. About 3 minutes into the meal, Liam suddenly got really frustrated and started reaching his hands out to me, saying, "Esus, Esus". It took me about 30 seconds to realize that he was upset because we hadn't thanked Jesus for our food yet. As soon as I took his little hands in mine he bowed his curly head (the first time I've noticed him do that) and we prayed together ... and while I was grateful for my cheddar & swiss grilled cheese, I was immeasurably more thankful for the sweet heart God has given my son.

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