Sunday, November 6, 2011

... For the Kindness of Strangers

 This morning, Josh went on a bike ride from Fayetteville to Van Buren. Sounds pretty miserable if you ask me; but he said it was beautiful, and I'm sure the train ride back will be a lovely way to see all of the fall colors.

Anyway, while he was battling wind and hills on two wheels, I decided Liam and I needed a breakfast date to Panera. After enjoying our muffin, bagel, and orange juice, I carried Liam back out to the car to load him into his carseat. As I walked past the front of the car, something caught my eye ... my phone. Sitting on the hood of my car. I can only imagine that somewhere in the process of getting Liam out of the car and locking it up either I dropped my phone or it fell out of my purse. Today I am thankful that it did not get run over in the parking lot, that the person who found it was kind enough not to steal it, and instead put it on the hood of my car, and that all of the other people who walked by and saw it were kind enough to leave it there.

 Also, I am thankful for Otterboxes.

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