Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Baby Girls' Room: The Colors

  Today I had an extra long lunch break, so I took a little time to browse some local shops in search of accessories and fabric for little girl's room. When I posted a few pics of my finds on Facebook, I got several questions about my plans for the nursery. Since I'm generally terrible at documenting the process of any creative project I'm working on, I thought it would be kind of fun to try to use the ol' blog to keep track of what I've got going on. Before last Thursday, when we found out our baby's gender, I had really tried to avoid looking at baby/nursery stuff too much. I didn't want to get too attached to any ideas before I knew if I'd get to use them or not. However, there were several pictures/ideas on Pinterest that had caught my eye, so as soon as we found out sweet baby is a girl, I started the hunt to find them again.

  Three nurseries, in particular, really inspired me ...

  In the first one I love the colors, but a toned down version of them. Our kiddo bedrooms are fairly small, so walls that bright would probably be headache-inducing. I also love the fun floral fabric on the glider. I picked up our rocker/glider at a flea market for $55 before Liam was born. Initially, I was going to recover it in a neutral fabric so we could use it for either gender, but since the old fabric on it is kind of a light, dusty blue, I ended up just leaving it since it worked in Liam's nursery. Now that it will be in a baby girl room, it definitely needs to be recovered, and I'm pretty sure I'll be following my friend Emily's advice to cover it in a big, fun floral.

Found on House of Turquoise  via Pinterest

This second room really captivated me initially, primarily because of the aqua walls with coral accents. I'm also kind of in love with the soft gray dresser. The more I've looked at the pics of this room, though, the more I feel like I'd prefer a buttery or dandelion yellow as the third color in my nursery as opposed to the black & white accents.

Found on House of Turquoise via Pinterest

And finally, my favorite inspiration room ... If I could just transport this room into our house I think it would be pretty perfect. Unfortunately, we do not have wood floors, an ultra-modern white crib, a funky green velvet armchair, or a super-expensive (but GORGEOUS) rug from Anthropologie. However, I'm pretty sure the wall color is just about perfect, and I love the way the coral & yellow accents look so cheery yet soft against it.

Found on Project Nursery
So, as I noticed the coral/aqua theme of all of my favorite rooms, I started searching Pinterest world for more inspiration using those colors. I could stare at these lovelies all day.

Found on We Don't Sleep When the Sun Goes Down via Pinterest

Found on Pink Lemonade via Pinterest

Found on A Kiss of Colour via Pinterest

  I really can't get enough of this combo, and I'm thrilled to have settled on a color combo that feels feminine and sweet without being super-pink. In the next Baby Girl room installation I'll share some of the fabrics I'm considering and a few of the items I've found for the room. I'd love feedback and ideas!


kaw said...

love those colors and the combo! great choices. i know it will be LOVELY!!!!

Jenni Austell said...

Um that is CRAZY cuz I pinned all the same pics and was totally going for the same color scheme! Love it!!