Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I See the Moon & the Moon Sees Me

  I keep not blogging because my thoughts over the past week are all heavier than I've been able to muster the energy to sift through appropriately. The corner of the world I live in has been significantly sadder, and it takes time for me to form coherent thoughts during times like these. I'm almost there, though. Hopefully the next few days will afford me the time and mental energy to get some of those thoughts out.

  But, tonight ... the moon. On the way home from the jr. high/ high school worship night we attend once a month, Liam suddenly noticed the bright, nearly full moon shining in his car window. "Mommy! Moon!", he exclaimed. The bright moon was lighting the sky, in bits and pieces, as the swiftly moving dark clouds blew past. It was 8:00 and the quiet, country roads near our home were empty, so I slowed the car to a stop, right there in the middle of the road, and we watched as the moon played peekaboo with us. "Moon? W'ah you? (translation: where are you?)" he would say, every time a large cloud bank moved in to obscure the light.

  When we finally pulled into our garage I took him out of his car seat and we walked out onto the windy driveway so we could see over the roof line of our house to the place the moon continued his game. Liam giggled in anticipation when the darkness started to thin and he could see the brightness growing. His giggles turned into squeals and shouts of "Moon! Moon!" when the full face was finally visible again.

  Yes, there has been sadness. Unimaginable pain and loss has struck the lives of some people I care for deeply in the past week. But tonight, the moon and the joy of peekaboo reminded me that even though it is sometimes hard to see the light, and we wonder where it has gone, the darkness is fleeting. The Light remains, shining on.

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