Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Dear Sweet Liam & Little Cora, Today marks the beginning of a bit of a different week for our family. Daddy is currently sleeping on the floor of a basketball gym in Memphis; Cora, you and I are sleeping in a bed at our friends, the Austell's, about 30 minutes away from Daddy; and Liam, you are in your bed at home, where Nana is staying with you. I can't say I'm crazy about having everyone scattered this way, but Daddy & I felt like this year it was important for me to come on the mission trip to Memphis with my 8th grade cell group girls. We did not think it would be ideal for a 25 week pregnant Mommy to sleep on a gym floor for 5 nights, though, so that is why I'm at Jenni & Kent's. Liam, the hardest part of making the decision to come on this trip was knowing I'd be leaving you for 5 days. Your Mommy has always been pretty independent & not the homesick type, but buddy, leaving you is a whole different story. I know you're going to have a fun couple of days with Grandad & Nana and puppy Garf; and then I know you'll have fun the last few days with Papa & Grammy and puppies Kate & Sam; but I'm going to miss being the one having fun with you. That's my favorite job. Cora, this week will be the most one-on-one time that you & I have ever had. Of course during the days I'll be busy & distracted with my girls, but at night it'll be just you & me: no Daddy or video monitor with your brother on it to steal my attention. I think that's kind of special for us ... sort of like a mom/daughter trip. I hope you both know how much Daddy & I love you, and that you always feel like we value our calling as your parents above our vocations or other ministry opportunities. We want to model lives of service to you, and I know that at times that will cost you something, as well; but I hope you never feel that we neglect our role as your Mommy & Daddy. I pray that Jesus will always give us wisdom as to when we should put you first and when it will be best for you to see that an abundant life cannot possibly revolve around you. For any life to be fulfilled and joyful it has to revolve around Jesus, not a person or our own plans. I guess I'm saying all this because being on this trip is bringing to the surface my fear that, as a pastor's kids, you may feel at times that ministry to others is more important to us than time with you. This will never be true. You are our favorite people in all the world and I hope you will be patient with us as we do our best to follow Jesus. He loves you even more than we do, so I trust that the things He asks us to do will ultimately be for your good, as well. I love you both! Ps: I wrote this on my phone & it doesn't seem to respect the paragraphs I typed in. Oh well.

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