Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Bovine Metaphor

  If you read my blog regularly, you may remember that several weeks ago I posted a little story about a conversation with my son that gave me some insight into how he may be processing my current, very pregnant state (i.e., "big cow"). Yesterday, he gave me another glimpse into his interpretation of our family as we passed the same field of cows:

Me: "Look buddy, there are the cows!" (I pointed them out to him to try to distract him from asking to listen to VeggieTales ... I had reached my limit of King George & the Ducky for the day).
Liam: "Baby cows! Baby cows wagging tails!"
Me: "The baby cows are wagging their tails? Are they happy?"
Liam: "Yeah! Mommy cow wagging tail, too! Daddy cow go bye-bye."
Me: "The Daddy cow went bye-bye? Where is he?"
Me: "Is he at work?"
Me: "Is he at the Buffalo?" (Josh recently backpacked in the Buffalo River Valley for a couple of days, and Liam still refers back to it).
Me: "Is he in Colorado?" (Josh more recently led a men's trip to Colorado for several days).
Liam: "Daddy cow, dance party!!!"
Me: "The Daddy cow is at a dance party?"
Liam: "Yeah, Daddy cow dance party!"

So there you have it, folks. From Liam's point of view, I'm big & Josh goes to dance parties. Apparently, once this baby comes I really need to liven up my image for my son!

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Carol said...

That. is. awesome.