Saturday, June 9, 2012

Life Without Wifi

   So, what's a super-pregnant gal to do when she no longer has wifi in her home? Not blog, apparently. I had aspirations of being able to keep up with a couple of posts a week, but lately all my spare time has been filled up with things other than writing blog posts and then driving to places where I would be able to post them.

 Instead of blogging, here's what I've been up to ...  A couple of weeks ago we ventured to Silver Dollar City for a little team retreat day with the other families/some of our favorite friends who are also in student ministry at our church. While I concede that there are much better times to visit SDC than in late spring when you are 34 weeks pregnant, I was so glad we went. We were quite the crew, with 8 adults, 5 kids (6 if you count Cora), and 4 strollers; but we just took it easy and a few of us enjoyed a lot of downtime in the shade watching little ones while the more able-bodied adults rode rides. We LOVE these families!

The Newmans (their little man sadly got left out of the pic), Lawsons, McLellands & Rolands

   I've also been keeping busy with weekly doctor's appointments. Everything has been going pretty smoothly on the pregnancy front, with just a few hiccups here and there. Liam got fifth disease a couple of weeks ago (a common childhood virus that isn't serious for kiddos, but can be a problem if a pregnant woman contracts it), so that has led to some extra work on the precautionary front. I've had to have some extra labs done and a non-stress test, but as of today my nurse let me know it doesn't appear that I contracted the virus from him. Even if I had, I am far enough along that it probably wouldn't be a big deal ... it seems to be something they watch a little more closely in the early months of pregnancy.

 It occurred to me the other day that working on Cora's nursery has sort of become a part-time job for me these past few weeks. Most of the elements of her room are either handmade, repainted, or thrifted/flea-market-found, so it has taken a lot of time to get everything pulled together. The room still isn't complete, but I'd say we're at about 80% and if Cora waits another week or two to arrive, it should be finished before she gets here. I can't wait to post pics of the finished product, but here's a peek at what I've been working on:

The embroidered alphabet sampler is complete!

An in-process pic of her quilt - I finished it last weekend!

The gorgeous print I ordered from an Etsy seller. It will be incorporated into a photo display above her dresser.
   It has really been so fun taking the time to search for the perfect little touches for her room. I've also been painting furniture, watching the $1 aisle at Target like a hawk, folding & fluffing tissue paper poms, and digging through piles of old frames to try to save money.

  All the while, little Cora has been growing & growing.  I took the pic below at 35 1/2 weeks. I'll be 37 weeks on Monday, and I'm definitely coming into the uncomfortable part of pregnancy. I'm dilated 2cm & 50% effaced, so moving is getting more difficult, and my uterus really loves contracting when I go to bed, so I don't generally feel like I sleep very soundly until about 3am. Not the greatest, but my body feels SO much better than it did at this point with Liam that I really can't complain.

   The most fun task I've undertaken lately, though,  has been soaking up the moments of our last several weeks as a family of 3. We've had such fun with our little buddy lately.

Proudly wearing his backpack into Sam's
Riding a snail during a fun family night
Enjoying a lunch with Grandaddy while Daddy was in Memphis last weekend
 That roughly catches us up to this weekend ... tonight Josh and I are enjoying a little retreat - a mini babymoon of sorts. Liam is at the farm with his Papa & Grammie, and we have a hotel room where we have been taking advantage of the amenities, like cable & internet :) We're really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning ... something I'm guessing we won't do again for a VERY long time!

My favorite little man!

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The Bishop's Wife said...

I'm excited about seeing her room. I think collecting odds and ends here and there and then making them work together add a lot of love and character to a house. I adore her quilt. I'm a dufus with sewing machines, so everything I make is more literally "shabby" than shabby chic. You have done a fine job on your quilts! I'm sure we'll be seeing some pictures of the little cute one with the quilt as a background.