Wednesday, May 2, 2012

From the Mouths of Babes

As if being 31 weeks pregnant isn't a lesson in humility itself, what with all the stumbling, groaning, awkward, large-bellied moments it brings, this was my conversation with my son this evening:

(The two of us are in the car, on the way to church for a worship night with the youth group, and we pass the field of cows that we see everyday)
Liam: Mommy! Cows!
Me: Yes, buddy. Look at all the cows.
Liam: Mommy cows! Daddy cows! Mommy cows! Daddy cows! Liam cows!
Me: There are Liam cows? Are the Liam cows little boy cows?
Liam: Uh-huh! Mommy BIG cow.

  That's right. Worst case scenario, my 23 month old called me a BIG cow. Best case scenario, he indicated that if he had to pick a cow to represent me, it would be a BIG cow. 

  Thanks for your honesty, Liam. At this point I couldn't agree more.

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Brooke said...

Ha let me tell you at 35 weeks I am feeling like a cow myself! Ugh..this pregnancy is so much harder than Stella! Do you feel the same way? I look forward to sitting down with my heating pad every single night!