Sunday, June 24, 2012

Waiting ...

  After a long walk pushing the jogger in weather that was WAY TOO HOT for 8:30 am, I have escaped to Starbucks for an hour of wifi and an iced soy chai. Yum. I'm still pregnant - 39 weeks tomorrow. With Liam I was induced the day before 39 weeks, so as of tomorrow Cora will have won the keep-mom-pregnant-the-longest award. Hopefully after that point she'll feel free to come on out into the world.

  On Tuesday we thought we might get to meet her - I woke up that morning with a headache and just the feeling of high blood pressure & swelling. It's hard to describe, but I spent so many weeks with high blood pressure when I was pregnant with Liam that I recognized it immediately. I went in to the on-call doctor and he sent me to the hospital for a few hours of monitoring ... after sending me home for my bag because he said there was about a 50% chance that he'd keep me in the hospital and just induce me that day. Clearly, he didn't. My blood pressure went back to normal right away, but it was exciting to get to hang out in a room in labor and delivery while my friend, Lauren, was delivering her little one, Rooney, right next door! It would have been pretty fun for Cora and Rooney to be born on the same day, but as I learned two days later, God had at least one reason for delaying Cora's arrival.

Sweet Rooney Corrinne - I pray she & Cora are dear friends

   Wednesday night, Liam's sleep seemed to be more restless than usual and when I went in his room once to check on him I thought he seemed a little warm, but I didn't want to wake him to check his temperature. Thursday morning he woke up early, crying hard and trembling with chills and a 102.8 fever. Bless his heart. We found out later that day that he has a strain of hand, foot and mouth disease that only involves sores in the mouth. Thursday and Friday were tough, but yesterday he was fever free all day, so I think he's over the worst of it. As much as I'd love to have Cora here and not be pregnant anymore, I'm so thankful that she was safely stored in my stomach while her brother was contagious, and that I was able to take care of him and cuddle him while he was feeling so bad. It would have really been heart-breaking if I'd had to send him away to a grandparents' house when he felt so miserable.

We have spent a TON of time on the couch watching cartoons the past few days :(
 The extra days have not only allowed me to be my little man's nurse, but have also given me some extra time to nest... I made myself this ridiculous list last week, and I've actually been able to get most of it done. I mostly made it to help keep me motivated and to make me feel like I have lots to do, so I won't get as impatient waiting for Cora to be here.

  I'm not the only one who is anxious for her arrival ... Liam has been asking about her more and more, and last week started calling his gloworm, "Cowa". He loves reading books to it, bringing it baby toys, and telling it not to cry. I can't wait to watch him love on his sissy!

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