Sunday, November 18, 2012

Growth & Regression

  In the past week and a half, Cora has gotten her first two teeth (bottom middle - so adorable!) and had her first real cold, complete with coughing and lots of congestion. I'm happy to report that the teeth are all the way through and the cold symptoms are completely gone. 

 I'm exhausted to report, however, that in the midst of all of this tooth-cutting and coughing, little miss has forgotten how to sleep through the night. Like, really forgotten ... we're probably back at the nighttime sleep habits she had when she was 6 weeks old. Bummer. She goes down fairly normally at night - she's having a bit of a readjustment period since she's back in her crib after sleeping in her Napnanny while she was congested. I get her up between 10-10:30 for her dreamfeed as usual, but then she has been waking during the 1:00, 3:00, and 6:00 hours. Ughhh. Occasionally, I can just go in a time or two and put her paci back in and she'll go back to sleep, but usually I end up nursing her in order to get her to fall asleep. I'm trying to be patient, because I know that really she's only had two nights back in her crib, so she's still adjusting. However, after having a month or so of only getting up with her once in the night, if at all, this whole multiple waking thing is really wearing on me.

  Part of me wants to let her cry it out at the earlier waking (1:00am), since I don't think she could be all that hungry at that time. Then I wonder if it's a growth spurt, or if my supply is down since she didn't nurse as well when she was sick and teething. I also wonder if she's not eating enough during the day because she gets so distracted and coos and giggles at me when she's nursing, causing her to wake at night to get the calories she needs. I think I'll just try to be patient and roll with it for the next week (and pray for naps) in case it is a growth spurt/supply issue and we'll be messing up her routine over Thanksgiving, anyway. Why are babies so confusing?

    So, yay for sweet little teeth and easy breathing, and here's hoping Mama gets some sleep.

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