Thursday, February 14, 2013

Heart Day

A few things I love this Valentine's Day, 2013:

 * Getting up early to tie a big red bow on a box of Swiss Cake Rolls for my hubby (his favorite), and finding the flowers he put out on the kitchen table after I went to bed last night.

 * Liam waking up singing, and the conversation that followed when I went into his room:
  (I open the door and immediately hear): Mommy, are you still Gander Goose? (a character in a Sam McBratney book ... it's a daddy goose, but Liam is convinced it is a mommy and was pretending we were geese when we went to bed last night)
Me: yes, if you want me to be
L: I was singing to you, mom
Me: I heard you on the monitor! It was so pretty! What song were you singing?
L: It goes like this mom, [sung gently, as a lullabye] "Don't cry little mommy, don't cry little mommy." Jesus sings that song to you and now I sing it, too!
Me: [speechless]

 * Liam being SO thrilled about the 99 cent tumblers I bought him for Valentine's Day, so he can start practicing using a big boy cup. He was so proud of himself and all day long has been saying, "I'm just going to go in the kitchen to get another drink of water, mom."
 * Cora giggling about the new Sesame Street board book that was in her Valentine's Day bucket.

 * Playing "No, I love YOU," with Liam. This is how the game works:
  Me: I love you!
  L: No, I love YOU!
  Me: Well, I think you're amazing!
  L: You're amazing!
  Me: You are my buddy!
  L: You are my sweetie!
  It's pretty awesome.

 * This picture:

  Cora smiling and lunging for me, Liam being a goofball. Typical.

 * That Thursday is our Friday, so tomorrow we will have family doughnut day and then I will go have lunch and talk about exciting wedding plans with my sweet friend, Becky.

  You could take away the "Be My Valentine" banner hanging in our window, the heart-shaped rice krispy treats I made last night, the pink foil covered "Mershey's" kisses (as Liam calls them), and the pink and red clothing I made my children wear today, and this would still be a day of love. They all are.

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