Monday, March 4, 2013

Pancakes, Pancakes! (Or, Liam's 1st Blogpost)

  Yesterday morning Liam wanted to help me make pancakes. One of his (many) favorite books is Eric Carle's Pancakes, Pancakes; so, while he always enjoys helping me cook, making pancakes was especially exciting. As he poured ingredients into the bowl, he noticed my camera on the counter and said he wanted to take pictures of the pancakes. I thought I'd let him have his first go at food blogging ... he's a pretty advanced two-year-old :) After I loaded the pictures onto the blog I asked him to tell me the story of making pancakes so his grandparents could read it. He was pretty tickled about the idea, and here's what he came up with. (Disclaimer: he did not take the pictures on his own. I was not about to let him hold the camera while standing on a chair over tile floor. He pushed the button and was very proud. Also, you should not follow his pancake making instruction verbatim).

   "You always put some eggs in it, flour, some cement mixer. You always put some water over it when you do the pancakes. You mix it around."

 "You always put some pancakes and flop it over. You take it off and you put it on your plates. You put syrupy on it and you always eat it."

   "It tasted good and I had it."

I let Cora gnaw on a pancake for the first time as a little 8 month birthday treat. She was a huge fan.

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