Wednesday, May 11, 2011

11 On 11

 A couple of months ago I did a little project called 10 on 10: I took one picture every hour for 10 consecutive hours on the tenth day of March. I think it's a fun idea to take part in every once in awhile (when I have time to sit around uploading/editing pictures) and a good way to remember the little details of everyday life at this stage. This month I decided to do 11 on 11, because today is Liam's birthday and then I could document how we celebrated on his special day. So, here it is, our day:

  Playing with his new fishing rod - he got to open one present from mommy & daddy as soon as he woke up this morning.

 Breakfast time! Drinking chocolate milk for the first time ... with vigor!
Editing pics of my buddy while he naps because, you know, I must be looking at him at all times.

 Washing dishes during naptime, because I don't actually just stare at my child all day every day.

 Blinky little eyes after a long morning nap!

 Birthday lunch with Nana & Aunt Abbie at the new Qdoba!

 Little goober faces during the monthly photo shoot.

 Yep, we skipped 2:15 - he was napping & Martha had just gotten here, so I forgot. But, at 3:15, Mrs. Martha & Liam were both really excited that he is one!

 Birthday frozen yogurt at TCBY with daddy & mommy!

 Lots of fun exploring his new barn after opening the rest of his presents.

 Birthday brinner - pancakes, scrambled eggs, and more chocolate milk!

Yes, our child had way more sugar than he needed today (as if he ever needs any), but it was such a fun day making family memories together. Some other day I'll have to post pics or video of the crazy fun he had in the ball pit/tent we gave him - it was a HUGE hit! We also took a great family walk with Jack this evening, just before a storm rolled in. Tomorrow I'll try to post his 12 month update after his one year check-up because I know everyone is dying to read more things about Liam turning one ... can you tell the first birthday of my first child is kind of a big deal to me?

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