Monday, October 31, 2011


 My, how things have changed since Liam was a chubby little alien for Halloween last year.

 This year Liam was a puppy because a) we needed him to somehow fit with our crazy costumes for our fall streetfest at church last Wednesday; and b) he absolutely loves dogs. 
He makes a pretty cute one, too ...

We spent the beautiful, perfect-weather evening hanging out and eating chili with friends in the Bogue's front yard. It was so fun to see all the little princesses and army guys and spacemen that came strolling down the sidewalk with their parents. Amy & I say all the time that Liam and Bryson look like brothers, and I'm pretty sure that we could send this pic in our Christmas card and convince people that we had another child 8 months after Liam.

We're gonna have to teach those two boys to be KIND men, because those baby blues are gonna be lady-killers.

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