Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All Broken, All Matter, One Gets the Glory

 Those words, "All are broken, All matter, and One gets the glory" are the three values that drive the church we attend, Mosaic at Fellowship NWA. The idea is that even though sin has fractured everyone's life, each life and story is valuable to God. When we are pieced together in the Body of Christ, in the beautiful Mosaic that it is, God is the One who receives all the glory.

 The reason I'm bringing this up, is because of a blog post my sister wrote, which I just read this evening. Her post reminded me of those values - of being a little part of a grand whole. Her post also struck me because I've been chewing on the subject of humility a lot lately. At some point I'm going to churn out some of the things I've been thinking about, but in the meantime, please read my sisters words, if you feel so inclined. They are beautiful and true. Her blog is called Ordinary to Extraordinary and the post I'm referring to is called Twigs.


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